Tips for Adding Wallpaper to the Kitchen Walls

Wallpaper is now trending again and many homeowners have quickly learned that it’s back with a fierceness, used in multiple areas and rooms in the home. It is exceptionally popular on the kitchen walls. If you are ready to remodel the kitchen, perhaps a little wallpaper is just what you are looking for. Use the wallpapering tips below to make this an easy and exciting part of your kitchen remodeling lewisville tx plans.

Clean the Surface

No matter where you want to add wallpaper in the kitchen, make sure to start with a clean surface.  Attempting to apply wallpaper to a dirty surface starts the project off the wrong way. Simply wipe down the wall where the wallpaper will be applied before the project begins. Allow it sufficient time to dry before applying the wallpaper.

Don’t Forget the Edges

So many people forget the edges of the wall where there is a space between the wallpaper and the wall. If you fail to paint this area, there will be an odd color that drastically diminished the appeal of the kitchen, so don’t forget to paint the edges!

Don’t Rush

If you hire a professional to apply the kitchen wallpaper, you can expect great results. If you opt to DIY, make sure to take your time to apply the wallpaper to the wall correctly. If you attempt to rush through the project the end results may not be so desirable.

Add Wall Sealer

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Also known as paint sealer, wall sealer makes the surface of the wall non porous so applying the paper is easier and it removes from the wall easier if you change your mind. Furthermore, the sealer adds a protective layer and a great style to the overall finish.